About Firud Foundation 

The Foundation For Integrated Rural and Urban Development (FIRUD FOUNDATION) is a non-stock, non-profit organization . It was established as a social development foundation and has since worked with people in both rural and urban communities.

FIRUD FOUNDATION also designed and implemented to nature alternative people-centered development initiatives at the community level through engagement in socio-economic, sustainable agriculture and ecological endeavor.

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Firud Foundation in Geneva,Switzerland (WIF 2018)

Investment for the Sustainable Development Goals Held since 2002, the United Nations Investment Promotion Awards celebrate the exchange of best practice in investment promotion.

Firud Foundation Training

Our Vocational training and Educational Training projects are design to empower individuals, organizations, enterprises and communities development.
This also creates an employment opportunities, decent work and lifelong learning and economic sustainable and competitiveness, social equity and environmental sustainability.
Foundation For Integrated Rural And Urban Development (FIRUD FOUNDATION) comprises education, training and skills development relating to a wide range of occupational fields, production services and livelihoods. It empowers individuals, organizations.