About Firud Foundation 

The Foundation For Integrated Rural and Urban Development (FIRUD FOUNDATION) is a non-stock, non-profit organization . It was established as a social development foundation and has since worked with people in both rural and urban communities.

Foundation for Integrated Rural And Urban (FIRUD FOUNDATION) is non governmental organization established and registered.The motive behind its formation is to address issues related to Cultural and Environments Heritage through seek and intervene with various stakeholders such as local,central government and communities aimed to ensure clear and sustainable management in the areas related to culture, heritage,climate and environments .

FIRUD also designed and implemented to nature alternative people-centered development initiatives at the community level through engagement in socio-economic, sustainable agriculture and ecological endeavor.

Firud Foundation Vocational Training

 FIRUD FOUNDATION operate a vocational and technical training center for unemployed adults, youths in between schools, teenagers on vacation, physically challenged youths and others who may wish to have a skill to empower themselves.Training covers both business management skills,Computer management,Information technology and practical vocational training.We also have cultural activities program.